5 Things I wish I Knew Before Getting Botox

There is a lot to consider before getting any beauty treatment and Botox is no exception. Although it is a safe, nonsurgical option, you should feel completely comfortable about your choice.

Here are some things you should know before getting Botox.

How Does it Work?

Botox, or Botulinum, is an FDA approved, microbial toxin injection that works by disabling small muscles in the face to prevent wrinkles. Most commonly, it is a routine treatment used cosmetically, but it can treat many other medical concerns as well. For example, people struggling with TMJ often find Botox relieves TMJ symptoms.

How Much do I Need?

There is no magic formula for how many units are needed for a given person and it is critical to consult with a specialist about how many are right for you. Factors such as face shape, wrinkle severity, gender, injection location, and desired effect go into determining the right amount to make your injections successful.

Generally speaking, however, here is a guideline on the recommended number of units depending on the targeted area. Areas around the mouth typically need two to four units, while larger areas such as the forehead range from 10-25 units. Contouring the face or treating the neck can go up to 50 needed units.

Our experienced team can help you determine what is the right amount for you and your desired results.

What Happens If I Stop Using it?

The injections tend to wear off after three to five months. The muscle contractions that were disabled will regenerate and muscle functionality will be restored. Botulinum injections are intended to be routine; however, there are reasons why someone might need to pause or stop the injections.

Essentially while receiving the treatment wrinkles will not appear, but when you stop the natural aging process will resume and wrinkles will set in overtime. How fast or deep those wrinkles become depends on how long you received your treatment beforehand.

When Should I Do It?

Ultimately the best age to start is going to be different for everyone, as it is dependent on when wrinkles begin to settle into your face. Although women at as early as about 25 start getting preventative treatments, the most common age to start Botox is usually between 35-45.

After receiving the first injection, it can take from two to seven days to start seeing the effects and about two weeks to see the final result. It is not recommended to exercise or do any strenuous activity for the first 24 hours. Keep this timeline in mind if you wish to get injections leading up to a big event.

How Do I Find The Right Practitioner?

The most important factor in finding the right practitioner is to ensure they are board-certified. The second most important factor is not to base your decision on cost. After all, this is your face and not a place where you want to see poor results from the cheapest option.

We recommend booking a consultation to learn more about our team, our process, our standards and how we can help you be a more confident you!


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