Best At Home Skin Care Regimen

If we’ve learned anything in the past two months of being at home, it’s that we really need a good skincare routine. Increased stress and anxiety and decreased trips to an aesthetician can leave your skin behaving badly, sometimes with all new issues. As society begins to reopen and you are seeing others more and more, we thought it would be a great time for a few DIY skin care tips.

Without further adieu, here’s our go-to guide for an at home skin care regimen to achieve bright, glowing skin.

Stick To The Basics

Now is definitely the time to improve consistency around your morning and evening routine. It’s tempting to ease up on the proper steps for clean skin, but staying on track keeps skin healthy. Plus, a routine helps minimize anxiety and stress during these uncertain times.


Cleanser – Start your day with a gentle cleanser. Consider one that is sulfate free and has a gentle lather.

Toner – Many people forget or neglect this critical step. However, toner is one of the best ways to improve your skin. Still not convinced? This article in Byrdie breaks out the benefits of this step and which toner is best for your particular skin.

Moisturize – It’s best to apply moisturizer when skin is still damp and before applying makeup. Also, we cannot stress enough the importance of using one with SPF. Yes, even if you are not spending a lot of time outdoors.


Cleanser – Just as you began your day with a gentle cleanser, be sure to end your day with one as well. A foamy cleanser with alpha hydroxy acids can help refine skin without overdrying it.

Toner – Once more, let your toner rebalance your skin’s pH level and give your moisturizer a boost just before bed.

Moisturize/Serum – At night is the perfect time to add a retinol serum into your regimen. Retinol is basically the superhero of anti-aging and finding the right one is essential.

Moisturize/Eye cream – Choose an eye cream with peptides to boost collagen activity and fight the signs of aging. Some eye creams can even help with dark under-eye circles by neutralizing discoloration.

Moisturize/hydrate – At night you can choose a creamier, more hydrating moisturizer than in the morning. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for a lightweight oil here instead.

Add Some Extra Self-Care

Once you’ve nailed your daily routine, add some extra self care into your weekly routine with any of the following:


Masks can help hydrate skin, improve the appearance of your pores, and pull out impurities that might have built up throughout the week. We suggest adding a mask treatment 1-2 per week to address specific skin concerns you may have or just to give a boost to already healthy skin.


Similar to masks, exfoliating your face 1-2 times per week can help with clogged pores, removes dullness and tricks your skin into acting young again.

Chemical Face Peel

Chemical peels give smoother, brighter, glowing skin. While we offer a wide range of peel options in our skin center, there are some at home versions that can be helpful until your next visit.

After being stuck at home for weeks on end, we have leaned into our at home regimen more than ever. As a result, we have discovered that even when we get back on track with our regular treatments (hello botox) we still need a solid daily routine to maintain results.

If you aren’t sure what routine is right for you, ask us! Our team is available to help you transform your skin.


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