Elan Skin Expert Tips: Laser Hair Removal

So many places offer laser hair removal these days, we thought it would be helpful to educate you on what to look for when researching your laser hair removal options. One of our resident experts, Beth, is a trained Medical Aesthetician Laser Technician and she is here to provide her tips on what to watch for and when to run. Beth started with us in 2004 and has performed more than 3,000 laser treatments at Elan Skin.

When you are considering where to receive laser hair removal therapy, it is always important to make sure you are consulting with a Certified Laser Technician who has completed supervised training. Ask the technician about their level of experience and if they have treated a wide range of skin types and tones. The center you visit should offer complimentary and thorough consultations prior to treating and they should be able to speak to you knowledgeably regarding the wavelength they think is best for your skin type and why.

Your Certified Laser Technician Should Be Able To:

Describe risks and possible side effects of laser procedure
· Explain expectations (# and frequency of treatments, costs, maintenance)
· Explain what may not be able to be treated (e.g., blonde, grey, white or true red hair)
· Explain how sun exposure impacts treatment safety

Your Certified Laser Technician Should Provide You:

A written estimate of costs and clear instructions for preparing for your treatment
Recommend proper wavelength based on your individual skin tone (some lasers are safe for all skin types, others are dangerous for deeply pigmented skin)
· Give direct answers to your questions, including inquiries about individual credentials
· Recommend alternative treatments if LHR is not the best for your particular situation

As A Client You Should Expect:

· To be asked to sign a written Informed Consent for Treatment (legally explaining risks and results) – this practice protects the business AND you
· Your procedure(s) to be performed in a private room without windows (laser safety) and with proper draping
· To be provided OSHA approved eye protection during your procedure
· Nurses/Physician Assistants on site to triage patient questions
· A Medical Director available locally to manage any potential complications

You Should Always Vet Your Options:

· Ask your friends who they personally recommend from their own favorable experiences
· Check reviews on company website and third party sites (BBB, Yelp, Google, etc.)

Maybe Think Twice, If You Are Considering An Office That:

· Persistently runs bargain basement discounts (e.g., Groupon)
· These offices may be so slammed that they likely don’t provide thorough consultation
· These offices may be too busy with volume to properly address complications
· These offices may use settings that are not appropriate causing more visits than necessary, which ends up costing more than expected
· Offers pricing that is “too good to be true” (see above)
· Facility appears dirty, unkempt
· Equipment appears rickety or improperly maintained – remember this is a medical device
· Staff avoids answering technical questions or clearly addressing your concerns
· Asks you to close your eyes or offers tanning bed goggles during your treatment

Hopefully this has been a helpful snapshot and provided guidance. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to help and no question is too small! Book a free consultation with any of our certified laser technicians, or call us at 615-814-4999.

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