How Skincare Benefits Your Mental Health   

skincare benefits mental health


Setting aside time each day to follow your skincare routine is not only a good practice for your skin, but also for your mental health. This time spent caring for your skin allows you to decompress and has been shown to be a great stress management technique. 

Self-care really does lead to self-reflection. Read on to learn all the ways that skincare improves your mental health. 


A Skincare Routine Adds Structure To Your Day


Including routine and structure in our lives is one of the best ways for us to cope with change. We are creatures of habit who thrive when we know what to expect and we feel a sense of accomplishment when we check things off our to-do list.  Conversely, people who have less consistent routines are more likely to experience mood difficulties, loneliness, and lower happiness..

This makes self-care more than a buzzword. Adding self-care routines, like skincare, healthy eating and exercise to our day can have a big impact on how we feel all around. It’s a great reminder of our own worth – we are worth the time, the energy and the money to look our best. 


Skincare Activates Feel-Good Chemicals in Your Brain 


There is little question among health professionals that psychological stress can negatively affect your skin. Stress can lead to skin inflammation, increased skin sensitivity, flushing, acne and many other unwanted outcomes.

However, you should know that there are many signs that the reverse is true as well — caring for your skin can actually improve your mood and help you remove stress from your life. Think about it — a daily routine filled with gentle massages and silky moisturizers — who wouldn’t enjoy and feel better after that routine? 

As it turns out, the “feeling” you have when your skin is cared for may be just as important a by-product as healthier skin. 


Focusing on Doing Something Nice for Yourself Keeps Worry at Bay


You may discover that particular times of the day are more difficult than others. However, you can break the cycle with self-care and routine. When you’re engaged in any skincare routine, such as washing, toning or moisturizing your face, you are getting out of your head and concentrating on the task at hand.

In this way, the act of caring for your skin allows you to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is when you focus on experiences in the current moment without passing judgment. Mindfulness has been shown to minimize depression and help alleviate anxiety by preventing worries and overthinking. 

You can help your brain disconnect from unhealthy, spiraling thinking patterns by engaging in this practice for a few minutes a day.

Taking care of yourself by including a skincare routine can be an important part of your overall well-being. Elan has experts to help you choose the best products for your at-home routine and to pamper you with professional services. Make your appointment today!


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