Nature vs Nurture: How Genetics Impact Your Skin

Which is greater: nature or nurture when it comes to aging?

Many people walk through life being told things like, “You have your mother’s eyes” or “ Your smile reminds me of your dad.” These observations are sweet reminders that we undeniably carry some of our parents’ genetic makeup. Some of us may indeed love that mom passed on her long legs and thick hair, but we may also fear inheriting those deep forehead creases.

While we may love mom’s laugh lines on mom, we are not so certain we want them for ourselves. So, how much control do we have over our skin as we get older? According to articles like this, our habits can dramatically impact how we look. Here’s a breakdown of nature vs. nurture on our skin.

Nature’s Role

First, let’s address the fact that we all know people who appear to age more slowly, even without botox or fillers. In fact, per a recent study commissioned by Olay (and in collaboration with personal genetics company 23andMe) approximately 10% of the participants were considered “exceptional skin agers.” This explains why there are a handful of people out there fortunate enough to maintain a youthful appearance regardless of their skincare regime.

The study explains that this is because the “super agers” have particular genes that don’t slow down, unlike the rest of us. These genes are responsible for things like collagen production, which is important for skin elasticity.

So, though genetics gives a few lucky people an upper hand, the majority of us should look at environmental factors when it comes to aging well.

How to Enhance Both Nature and Nurture

The great news is that most of us can make better choices for a healthy lifestyle that promotes great skin. Here are some of the basics for creating the right habits:

  • Add sunscreen to your daily routine and avoid tanning
  • Reduce stress as much as possible and incorporate self-care to support your adrenals and deal with stress more easily
  • Reduce toxins such as sugar, alcohol, and tobacco products
  • Add exercise into your weekly routine

Thanks to science and technology, there are also a lot of skin treatment options to reduce the damage we may have caused in our younger, less-informed years. Our highly trained nurses and aestheticians customize treatments specific to each client’s needs and skin health concerns.

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