Post Treatment Guide For Chemical Peel

What to Expect After Your Chemical Peel Procedure

Following a peel, your skin may appear red, feel tight or may be mildly irritated. For more intensive chemical peels, moderate swelling and extreme dryness may occur before peeling begins; in rare cases blistering may occur.

Moderate peels may have 2 – 5 days of gentle sloughing which can easily be managed with extra moisturizer and can be covered with makeup. Peels which offer more dramatic results may involve more visible peeling and sloughing for 5 – 7 days or more, such as our ZO 3 Step Peel which subsides after 7-10 days.

During this timeframe, your skin will be more sensitive to light and it is recommended that you limit sun exposure according to your skin care specialist’s recommendations.

Post Treatment Instructions:

  • Use a gentle cleanser throughout the entire peeling process
  • Do not pick at skin, let it fall off naturally
  • Okay to use a gentle exfoliant with light pressure when cleansing after peeling begins

When Should I Expect to See Results?

In the case of many peels, you will experience noticeable improvements instantly. However, to achieve significant results, multiple treatments may be required.

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