ELAN Skin Private Label

ES Skin Care products are formulated according to the pharmaceutical standards of potency, and stability. They are aimed at medically treating many of the aging concerns seen among our clients to help their skin look healthy and youthful. Each product and treatment has been chosen for its effectiveness and overall benefit, and all treatment protocols are under the guidance of our licensed Clinical Aestheticians and Registered Nurses, who work together to address our guest’s skin care and age-management concerns. ELAN Skin’s goal is to provide a roadmap to healthy, vibrant skin for each guest through the use of the latest technologies available. Depending upon each patient’s goals and lifestyle, our skin care professionals are qualified to recommend specific products, as well as a protocol that is customized for each individual patient.

Our mission is to optimize skin health. We believe that by using a daily skin care regimen, together with medical grade treatments, our patients can achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin.

Top Products include Koji Pads, HydraPeptide Gel, Date Night Brightener, C&E Ferulic

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