The Truth About Tanning and Your Skin

With summer in full swing, it’s time to get ready for sand and sun. Whether it be chilling by the pool or feeling good in a new sundress, you may be considering tanning before breaking out your summer wardrobe. But before you hop in that tanning bed make sure you know the facts about tanning and its effects on your skin. 


No matter how you tan, whether it be in the sun or a UV bed, tanning is the result of your skin going into “protection mode” to ward off harmful damage from the sun. In effect, the deeper your tan, the greater protective measures your skin has taken to being in the presence of harmful UV rays. This may yield a beautiful glow, but it is actually a sign of the consequences of overexposure and the damage being done on the cellular level. 


  1. Sunburn 


Of course, if you sit in the sun for too long without the proper SPF or protection, you risk getting a sunburn. Painful sunburns in bizarre places – we’ve all been there. Not to mention the nasty peel you have to deal with after a while. We know sunburns happen every once in a while, but prevention is crucial in avoiding long-term damage to your skin. 


  1. Premature Aging 


Consistent tanning can cause your skin to look older than it actually is. Premature aging can create a leathery texture on the skin. It can also take the form of wrinkled skin and dark spots. This is a long-term side effect of sun damage, so the more careful you are in the sun can prevent this and keep your skin looking younger for longer. 


  1. Skin Cancer


The most serious long-term side effect of tanning is having a higher risk of skin cancer. UV radiation on the skin can promote skin cancer by damaging the DNA in skin cells or by weakening the immune system and compromising the body’s defense to cancers. When it comes to tanning myths, many think that skin cancer isn’t that serious. But if it goes on untreated for too long, it can cause serious long-term health issues and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 


The best way to protect your skin from damage this summer is by wearing sunscreen. Wearing a light sunscreen product every day will help prevent long-term damage and the potential for worse side effects from tanning in the future. The good news is many skincare products that you use every day like moisturizer and lip balm can come with SPF built-in. Consider usinggrabbing one of those if adding an extra step to your skin routine is too much. If you already care about your skin and want to keepkeeping a beautiful, youthful glow, you may want to avoid the tanning bed and take the simple, protective steps to shield protect your skin from UV damage.. 


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