What Is Plasma IQ? And Why You Have To Try It!

Plasma IQ is a cutting-edge aesthetic procedure utilizing micro-injuries created with plasma energy to apply controlled damage that encourages tighter and brighter skin than ever before. 


How Does It Work? 


It seems counter-intuitive, but a Plasma IQ procedure purposely damages the skin to improve its texture. Through slight injuries, or micro-injuries, created by a Plasma IQ pen on the skin, you’ll achieve a sublimation effect. 


This means that the affected area is turned from solid into a gas, which promotes the tightening and retraction of the targeted surface area. And due to the careful technique, it only affects the treated area and leaves the surrounding skin completely untouched. 


And thus, the long-term healing process only continues to improve the look of your skin as time goes on. 


What To Expect


Depending on the area of your face being treated, the treatment typically lasts about 30-60 minutes long. Your clinician may apply a topical anesthetic to relieve any discomfort from the procedure and use cool air on your face to alleviate any stinging caused by plasma energy. 


The pen will be held approximately one millimeter from your skin and will create a grid-like pattern of micro-injuries on the desired treatment area where fine lines or lesions diminish. In the end, small scabs will form on the skin’s surface that can last up to 1-2 weeks. 



Also known as the non-surgical facelift, Plasma IQ has many benefits that make it a viable alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery to enhance the look of targeted areas. Besides having reduced recovery times to look forward to, you can expect:


  • A significant reduction in your wrinkles
  • Tightening of loose skin on the face
  • Diminished spider veins or broken capillaries 
  • Corrected uneven skin tone
  • Diminished acne scars


Book a free skin consultation today at Elan to see if Plasma IQ is suitable for you and get advice on any additional skin concerns or questions. We’re here to help!


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