Elevate Your Skincare Journey with Elan Skin Memberships and Packages

Elan Skin’s Memberships and Packages

Embarking on a journey towards radiant, healthy skin is a commitment, and at Elan Skin, we believe in making this journey both rewarding and accessible. Our memberships and packages are designed to offer you exclusive benefits and discounted rates on various services, ensuring that your skincare experience with us is both indulgent and cost-effective.

Monthly Memberships: Your Passport to Consistent Beauty

Elan Skin Monthly Membership – $95/Month

Our monthly membership is a gateway to consistent beauty and savings. For just $95 a month, you can access many benefits that elevate your skincare routine. Here’s what the Elan Skin Monthly Membership includes:

– Botox/Dysport at $9/unit (reg $13/unit): Smooth away wrinkles and lines with the gold standard in cosmetic treatments at an exclusive discounted rate.

– $100 off full-size syringe of filler: Restore volume and enhance your features with dermal fillers while enjoying a $100 discount.

– 25% off all non-injectable services: From advanced facials to cutting-edge treatments, experience a 25% discount on a wide range of non-injectable services.

– 25% off retail (excluding prescriptions): Pamper your skin at home with our curated selection of skincare products, available at an exclusive members-only discount.

– Weekly B-12 shot: Boost your energy levels and support overall well-being with a weekly B-12 ashot.

– Free monthly blowout: Treat yourself to a complimentary monthly blowout at Elan Hair, ensuring that your hair looks as fabulous as your skin.

Elan Skin Annual Membership – $250/Year

Our Elan Skin Annual Membership is priced at $250 per year for those who prefer an annual commitment. This membership includes:

– 15% off non-injectable services: Experience a 15% discount on various non-injectable services throughout the year.

– 25% off retail (excluding prescriptions): Enjoy a 25% discount on skincare products, enhancing your daily skincare regimen.

Indulge in Exclusive Packages: Tailored for Your Beauty Goals

At Elan Skin, we understand that every individual’s skincare journey is unique. Our packages are curated to address specific skincare needs, offering treatments at a 10% discount. Explore our range of packages to find the perfect fit for your beauty goals:

– Microneedling Package (Series of 3 treatments): Enhance collagen production and achieve a rejuvenated complexion with our Microneedling Package.

– Vivace Package (Series of 3 Vivace treatments): Experience the transformative power of radiofrequency microneedling with our Vivace Package.

– Morpheus8 Face & Neck Package (Series of 3 treatments): Tighten and contour your face and neck with the Morpheus8 Face & Neck Package.

– Morpheus8 Face Package (Series of 3 treatments): Target facial concerns and achieve a youthful appearance with the Morpheus8 Face Package.

– Morpheus8 Body Package (Series of 3 treatments): Sculpt and tighten various areas of your body with the Morpheus8 Body Package.

– Full Face IPL Package (Series of 3 IPL treatments): Address pigmentation issues and achieve a more even skin tone with our Full Face IPL Package.

– Laser Facial Package (Series of 3 Laser Facials): Renew and refresh your skin with our Laser Facial Package.

– HydraFacial Package (Series of 5 HydraFacial treatments): Pamper your skin with the rejuvenating effects of our HydraFacial Package.

– DiamondGlow Package (Series of 5 DiamondGlow treatments): Experience exfoliation and hydration with our DiamondGlow Package.

– Elan Signature Facial Package (Series of 5 Elan Signature Facials): Indulge in the luxury of our signature facials for a radiant complexion.

– Elan Express Clean Facial Package (Series of 5 Elan Express Clean Facials): Refresh and cleanse your skin with our express facial package.

– Elan Medi-Glow Facial Package (Series of 5 Elan Medi-Glow Facials): Achieve a radiant and healthy glow with our Medi-Glow Facial Package.

– Dermaplaning Treatment Package (Series of 5 Dermaplaning treatments): Remove dead skin cells and fine facial hair for a smooth complexion with our Dermaplaning Package.

– Microdermabrasion Package (Series of 5 Microdermabrasion treatments): Reveal brighter and smoother skin with our Microdermabrasion Package.

Your Journey to Radiant Skin Starts at Elan Skin

At Elan Skin, everyone deserves to experience the confidence that comes with healthy, radiant skin. Our memberships and packages are crafted to provide you with ongoing support, exclusive benefits, and the expertise of our dedicated skincare professionals.

To embark on your personalized skincare journey with Elan Skin, call us at 615.814.4999 or visit our website. Let us guide you towards a future of radiant beauty and self-assured confidence.

Choose excellence; choose Elan Skin.

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