Wedding Beauty Prep. Everything You Need To Do and When

Wedding Beauty Prep. Everything You Need To Do and When


There is nothing more exciting than planning for your big day! You want to make sure you look your best when you’re walking down the aisle, so it’s important to figure out how to get your wedding beauty prep done. There are many moving parts on your wedding day, so to help make the beauty prep a little easier, here is a rundown of everything you need to do and when to prepare for your special day. 


Six Months Before 



It’s best to plan some of your beauty needs six months in advance to help your hair and skin get used to the changes. For glowing skin by your wedding day, make an appointment with your aesthetician for a skin consultation. Your aesthetician will create a personalized skincare routine that you can use before and after the wedding. Working with an aesthetician early on will help your skin have a gorgeous, youthful glow for the entire day. 



If you want to change your hair color, you should also begin this process about six months out. You may want to brighten up your natural color, and starting this early will make touch-ups and maintenance easier. 


It’s a great idea to book all of your beauty appointments for the week of your wedding six months out. You don’t want to be scrambling the morning of your wedding to get your hair done, so for peace of mind and to prevent everyone from being booked up, pencil in all of your beauty appointments early. 


Three Months Before 


Now that the heavy lifting of skin routines and hairstyles is out of the way, it is time to start getting into the details of your beauty routine.  At three months before your wedding day, it’s time to start getting regular manicures and pedicures. You’ll want to show off that ring all day, and getting regular manicures will keep your nails looking fresh and photo-ready. You can also use this time to address any concerns you may have with your eyebrows and lashes.This is the perfect time to experiment with the best eyebrow shape and to try different lash services for a full look. 


Two – One Month Before 


If you are interested in getting a spray tan, do this at the two-month mark. This will give you time to experiment with different shades and make sure your skin doesn’t look orange on your wedding day. Other than that, one month before the wedding, you should stop trying out new products and settle into the skin and hair care routines you figured out beforehand. 


A Couple of Days Before


This is the perfect time to get a little trim to freshen up your hair and pick out your final nail color. You can book one more beauty treatment like a soothing facial to help you relax after the stress of the last few months. No matter what beauty prep you do before the big day, Elan Skin and Hair is here to help you have the most beautiful and memorable wedding day possible. 


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